Making an Appointment
Most people calling for abortion information or appointments are a bit nervous, even scared. Well-trained staff at a quality clinic knows this and work hard to make your first contact feel comfortable and unhurried.

When you're ready to call find a quiet place, have paper and pen handy, and be prepared to spend 5-10 minutes on the phone. You may also need to have your health insurance information available for questions about coverage.

You can generally schedule an abortion within a few days of your call. Some states require a minimum 24-hour waiting period between your first call and the scheduled appointment. Waiting for a week or more for an appointment is rare indeed.

Make certain to get all of your questions answered and don't hesitate to ask anything. A good provider wants you to be informed and as comfortable as possible. If you have any sense that you are being rushed or pushed to make a decision - consider another provider. You want to feel good about the clinic you schedule your appointment with.

Remember?Expect good care - you deserve it.
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