Common Questions
Does an abortion hurt?

The actual procedure is completed under anesthesia so the patient feels no pain during the abortion. After the procedure, most women feel cramping, similar to menstrual cramps, for several days.

Is it dangerous to have an abortion?

All surgical procedures have some potential for complications. Individual circumstances and medical conditions can cause problems if they are not identified before the abortion. It is very important to discuss your entire medical history with the doctor during your pre-op examination. Statistically, childbirth is far more dangerous than abortion.

Will having an abortion affect my ability to have children in the future?

There is no indication that abortions are linked to future miscarriage or sterility.

I have had an abortion in the past. Is it dangerous to have another?

1st trimester abortions are very low risk procedures, regardless of prior abortion history.

Can my spouse / partner / friend / family member stay with me throughout the whole procedure?

We encourage one spouse / partner / friend / family member to accompany each patient in the couseling sessions in order to answer all issues and concerns. Each clinic has their on policy. Please call the facility of your choosing to confirm if they allow a companion before making your appointment.

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