Private Abortion Clinics

We know that confidentiality, time constraints and discretion are very important concerns for many women who are thinking about terminating a pregnancy and desire a Private Abortion.

  • In keeping with these critical priorities, we will provide special arrangements that are tailored to your individual Private Abortion needs.
  • For you, our schedule is totally flexible. We will work with you to pick a time and a day that best suits your schedule.
  • From the time that you arrive at our facility, a staff member will greet you outside and take you immediately to a private room in the office where you will be treated with the utmost privacy, attention and focus.
  • Your paperwork, lab work, counseling, physical exam and Private Abortion will be taken care of in a way that protects your anonymity, confidentiality, and your dignity.
  • The doctor will meet you, advise you and answer all of your questions. Your support person (family member or other) can be present throughout the evaluation and exam process. Your procedure will then be performed with the utmost tenderness and care.
  • After your procedure, your support person will be welcome to join you during your recovery period.