All Women's Health Center
1135 NW 23rd Avenue Ste. N
Gainesville, Florida 32609
(800) 869-0440
(352) 378-9191

All Women's Health Center of Gainesville Inc. is open for appointments, pregnancy testing and information Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm; Saturday, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Please call (352) 378-9191 or (800) 869-0440 to make an appointment. Feel free to call if you need directions or if you have any questions that you would like to discuss.

The basic fee for the procedure includes: a review of your pertinent medical history, an educational/counseling session, routine urine and blood testing, the procedure, local anesthesia, and recovery room services.

Payment can be made in cash, by money order, or by credit card. For the convenience of our patients, we accept MasterCard and VISA, Most insurance plans are also accepted, but must be verified prior to your visit. We are unable to accept personal checks.

Laboratory Fee - It is essential that our office have your correct phone number and address. If, in the unlikely event that the laboratory results indicate that you must return for repeat tests or procedures, we must have a reliable way to contact you. If we cannot reach you by phone, we will send a certified letter. We are very respectful of your need for confidentiality and will only contact you if there is an emergency. There is no additional office fee in the rare event that this occurs.

Medications and Testing - You may also incur additional fees if the doctor or medical staff find that you need extra medications or testing. These additional needs may include, but are not limited to: injectable antibiotics, an early detection urine pregnancy test, a urine culture, a throat culture, or a Rhogam injection. If you have an Rh negative blood type (e.g. , O negative, B negative) it is absolutely essential that you receive a Rhogam injection.

There are also some medications that you may choose to purchase on the day of your procedure. Methergine tablets (sometimes prescribed by the doctor to help the uterus to contract), Tetracycline tablets (a routine antibiotic), pain medication, Depo Provera (injectable birth control) and certain brands of birth control pills are all available at our office for an additional charge. If you have any questions about the cost of these medications please contact us.

If the procedure is not performed due to patient request or physician advice, you will be responsible for payment for any services already rendered such as a pregnancy test, a sonogram and/or any laboratory tests. All other fees will be promptly refunded.
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