All Women's Health Center of Tampa
3330 W. Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, Florida 33609
(800) 736-0505
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All Women's Health Center of Tampa, Inc.
3330 West Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33609
(800) 736-0505 & (813) 874-0505

The Morning-After Pill
The Morning-After Pill is used to stop a pregnancy within 72 hours of unprotected sex. If you are concerned about becoming pregnant after recent activity please call to get The Morning-After Pill.

Our trained counselors are available to discuss all aspects of birth control, the procedure, and alternatives to abortion. Patients are counseled individually. Upon request our counselors will talk with a relative of friend accompanying the patient. Patients can be assured of complete confidentiality. Our staff is committed to your best interests.

Gynecological Care
Our offices offer Gynecological care including, pap smear, breast exam, birth control, and yearly checkups.

Family Planning
A wide variety of family planning services are available including Depo Provera (the shot given 4 time/year), birth control pills, and IUD insertions.

HIV/STD Testing
If you desire testing for sexually transmitted disease like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), Herpes or AIDS/HIV.

Please call to make an appointment and if you need directions. We have been providing abortion services in Florida in a private and caring inviroment for over 30 years.

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