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Abortion Services

Physicians specialized in obstetrics and gynecology perform abortions up to the eighteenth week, counting from the first day of the last menstrual period, employing the latest vacuum aspiration method. Local (awake) or general anesthesia (asleep) is utilized according to patient choice.

Because we specialize in abortion, we can provide the best in professional care to our patients. Arrangements for abortions up to the 24th week of pregnancy may be made for women upon request.

All patients scheduled for an abortion with general anesthesia must not eat or drink for seven hours prior to their appointment. For local anesthesia, do no eat or drink for four hours prior to your appointment. It is advised that each patient is accompanied by one relative or friend.

We recommend Intravenous Sedation to our patients for the tranquil effect it provides and to relieve the anxiety that women who undergo an abortion sometimes experience. I.V. sedation gives an almost immediate calming effect without the pain associated with an intramuscular injection or the prolonged delay when given orally.

All patients should follow the Pre Operative Instruction in order to facilitate their treatment.

Counseling Services

Our trained counselors are available to discuss all aspects of birth control, the abortion procedure, and alternatives to abortion. Patients are counseled individually. Upon request our counselors will talk with a relative of friend accompanying the patient. Patients can be assured of complete confidentiality. Our staff is committed to your best interests.

Please call (407) 834-2262 to recieve additional information on our abortion services and to make an appointment.

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