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The decision to terminate a pregnancy is not an easy one to make. But, if you have already decided to have an abortion, be assured that you are not alone. Our physicians and staff will provide private and confidential one-on-one treatment and will support you every step of the way.

    Free Pregnancy Testing
    Available as soon as 14 days after a missed period

    The Morning-After Pill
    Must be obtained within 72 hours after intercourse

    Non-Surgical Abortions (The Abortion Pill)
    Up to 9 weeks of pregnancy

    First Trimester Abortions
    Up to 12 weeks of pregnancy

    Second Trimester Abortions
    From 12 to 24 weeks of pregnancy

    Birth Control
    Each private office has available a full array of obstetrical and gynecological services.

All Women's Health & Medical Services, PC is dedicated to serving women's medical needs. Besides abortion, we offer a full range of obstetrical and gynecological services which you can access at this site. With regard to abortion, emphasis is placed on safety, comfort, confidentiality and individualized care.

In order to ensure your safety, physicians are state licensed, board eligible and/or board certified obstetricians and gynecologists who are highly trained and have extensive experience performing abortions. This expertise minimizes the risks involved in an abortion. Their personal dedication to abortion services continues to ensure that women maintain the right and the opportunity to choose to have an abortion.

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