All Women's Health Center of Orlando
431 Maitland Avenue
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701
(888) 257-2262
(407) 834-2262

Abortion Clinics in Orlando, Florida

All Women's Health Center of Orlando has been providing obstetrical and gynecological services for women in The State of Florida since 1998 to meet the increasing need in the community for affordable, quality health care.

Our services include: physical examinations, counseling, abortion ( up to 24 weeks), laboratory services and screenings and treatment for sexually transmitted disease (STD). Our caring, professional staff recognizes that a woman's health is her responsibility so we are dedicated to providing complete information and the highest quality healthcare services to our patients.

We assist our patients in their family planning efforts. This includes gynecological examinations performed by our Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners under a supervised protocol. We assist you in selecting a method of birth control suitable for your individual needs. We can provide you with oral contraceptives (pills) at low cost, many times lower than a pharmacy.

All Women's Health Center of Orlando is a licensed medical facility providing abortions established in 1998 to provide affordable quality health care for women. Abortions are performed in Orlando by our licensed medical doctors with specialized training in abortion. In order to assure your continued health, our Center meets or exceeds all government regulations, as well as required standards for sterilization. The Center maintains a caring, confidential and supportive atmosphere at all times. We look forward to meeting your health care needs should you require an abortion.

Please call (407) 834-2262 to recieve information on our abortion services and to make an appointment. We have been providing abortion services in Florida in a private and caring environment for over 30 years.


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