Blue Mountain Clinic
610 N. California St
Missoula, Montana 59802
(800) 727-2546
(406) 721-1646

Blue Mountain Clinic

At Blue Mountain Clinic our focus is on the individual. Whether you are being seen for primary medical services, mental health counseling, sexual and reproductive care or Chinese medicine we want to make sure you are involved in all aspects of your care. We see people as individuals and provide care in a client centered environment.

Blue Mountain Clinic has provided access to first trimester abortion care with an emphasis on options counseling and birth control selection for 30 years.

Blue Mountain Clinic features quality clinicians and experienced staff who provide:

  • family practice - general medical services
  • sexual and reproductive health care
  • mental health counseling
  • first trimester abortion
  • acupuncture and Chinese medicine

    Ease of scheduling includes a 'come on down' category, for those days when you need to receive urgent evaluation and care. Call to check on availability for the day.
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