Hartford GYN Center
One Main Street, Suite N-1
Hartford Connecticut, Connecticut 06106
(800) 877-6335
(860) 525-1900

Since 1981, Hartford GYN Center has been providing quality medical care and has worked diligently to protect the reproductive rights of the women of New England. Our Center provides a number of reproductive health care services including complete gynecological care, both surgical and non-surgical abortion services, colposcopy, cryo or laser surgery and free pregnancy testing. In 1994, we became a state licensed Family Planning and Abortion Clinic, reinforcing our commitment to women's health care and the community we serve. We strive to provide excellent medical care in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment. Our Medical Director is a woman and all of our physicians are board certified and are on the medical staff at Hartford Hospital.

Our Center also provides free counseling and community outreach on issues of contraception, sexuality, teen pregnancy, pregnancy options and AIDS awareness. We take pride in helping women come to their own decisions concerning family planning options. Our dedicated staff truly believes in a woman's right to choose. As we celebrate our 23rd Anniversary, we are very proud of the services we provide and look forward to serving your family planning needs in the years ahead. Please call our office should you have any questions or need additional information.

For more information, please visit Hartford GYN Center or call (800) 877-6335.

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